With online access showing rapid growth year on year, having an attractive, functional and easy to use website to showcase your business is more important than ever. A bespoke website can ensure you stand out of the crowd and make it easier for potential customers to find out key information about your business and get in touch with you in a number of ways that suit them. Whether you have a local business or a global brand we have experience in a wide range of Web Technologies which we can use to ensure you have a site that works for you and your customers. The smart phone and tablet market is currently showing little signs of slowing down and more and more internet traffic is generated by these devices – in 2014 it is estimated that over 60% of internet usage comes from mobile devices.

What does this mean for your business?

It means that your customers are increasingly likely to be viewing your website on a mobile device. If you don’t have a great mobile friendly site the user experience can be limited and often lead to frustration meaning they could end up looking elsewhere. This is something we are well aware of at Kusky so as a standard offering we make all our sites mobile friendly with responsive designs meaning you keep the same content, look and formatting no matter how your customers choose to view your site.

Why choose Kusky?

Client satisfaction and Quality are our goals, and we achieve these by working with you to ensure that you get a site that your company can be proud of. Our packages include 12 months hosting, a free domain, basic SEO and your site looks great no matter what device your customers are viewing it on. We also offer a simple and transparent pricing structure – so you can get an idea of costs upfront.

So why not get in touch and let us know what we can do for you?

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check out what some of the sites we’ve created already

Mobile/Tablet Friendly

All our sites are specifically designed to work with all devise types. So your clients/readers can access your site wherever they are.

Free Hosting

No need to pay for additional hosting. All our sites come with 12 Months Hosting as standard

Let People find you

We ensure that our sites show up in relevant searches, so your clients (new and existing) can find you easily.